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Original Fiction going to be posted here

Not that it matters much, going to be posting original fiction here, friends only, my fanfics when I do remember to re-post them here, are not friends only.  Keep in mind some of them do go over the PG limit that is all.

F/M Five times

Prompt: Five times Murdock followed orders-the one time he didn't
Rating: R
Characters: Most of them
Five timesCollapse )

Five times: Orders


He was crying. Face wanted to tell him, there's no crying in the army, army strong-and all that bullshit. But he didn't. Refused to. Instead knelt beside his friend and drew fingers through his hair, and that didn't work this time. Had Face concerned for real then, because if the massaging, the touching didn't work-something was seriously wrong.

"Murdock..Murdock come on now, H.M, whats wrong?" Face asked, gently and slow like as though he might frighten him off, blue eyes flickering to the doors, windows cataloging every exit. He would run, he figured, there were tense muscles under his fingers, so tense in fact he was surprised Murdock wasn't in pain. The pinched look around swollen, red eyes that spoke of too many pills. Which ones he didn't know, always did his best to ignore them, conned them for his friend and nothing more. The side effects could all have been combined into a fucking novel, and he thought it was best to not know..

Murdock seemed to finally snap out of it, eyes focusing, for a moment on Face. And his heart stops-because what he sees' there..makes him cringe back for a moment. That wasn't right, no no-but the smile's back that good ol' southern charm smile and Face can't help but think this is worse. He doesn't understand what's going on and he's going to scream if he isn't told soon.
"Nothin's the matter Facey." Murdock pipes up cheerfully getting up and as he walks towards the dingy kitchen they share, thrown together in some old General's house on the grounds, had to upgrade when his wife whelped out yet another brat, Face notices he's limping.

And something breaks inside of him. "You're lying to me." He whispers, or he thinks he did anyway. He's not sure. because Murdock responds.

"Just following order's Facey, you know how that goes."

"So, you're Captain Murdock."

The slick voice with no particular accent makes him sick, but Murdock just smiled rested against his Bbq and nodded fingering the secret sauce he had been going to pour over the steaks. But cooking had been withheld for now, when some hire up, and like every other hire up he didn't remember his name all he cared about was Hannibal in that regard, had showed up flanked like some prince with two blond as can be guards. And Murdock knew then to, just by looking at both of the young men behind him, newly out of training he could tell, that this was not going to end well. They had to prove they were army strong, they weren't no fags sir.

And Murdock had managed to do something to piss them off. Didn't know what, but he did. He smiled though and tugged his hat down farther over his head shadowing shale eyes, glad he had palmed the pills Hannibal was so adamant about him taking this morning so he didn't act over the top. Not in front of those in charge. Fucking pecking order, he thinks as he turned his back on them and began to mix the spices-

"Did I say you could turn your back on me, Captain??!" He snarled, and before Murdock could react-and fuck he had aviation reflexes baby!, he found his neck grasped in an iron grip-was spun around and forced down on his knees when a kick from one of the grunts slammed painfully into the back of them. He didn't grunt, didn't cry out just stared up at them. Past them-through them. Knew that sort of thing freaked them out. Howling Mad and all that, no one fucked with the insane-
But he didn't see the punch coming, and he was spitting out blood and fuck, was that a tooth? Felt anger rise in him, because if he was Face, he could punch the asshole back, at least one of the grunts, and only get a talking to. But he was Murdock. He'd get thrown back into the hospital so fast. And he cant go back there, he wont go back there. Not after what he learned, not long ago. If he lost that-

"Sorry..Sir." He grumbled, licked the blood from his lip. "Didn't realize Sir, you had an order..Sir." Spat each Sir out, hoped it poisoned the fuck, and not even Billy offering to chew ankles would work right now.

The General just scoffed, glared at him for a moment as though he was pondering something and motioned to Blond grunt 1 to pick up the secret sauce. "I smell something funny Sergeant, don't you?" He all but purrs, as though he's just talking about the weather.

"It's bbq sauce, I wasn't aware I wasn't allowed to cook-" A boot to the face breaks his nose and he crumples, proudly gets back to his knees and glares up at him. Cant help but wonder why no one is stopping this though. Oh right, army fucking protocol, and no one cares about the crazy pilot unless they need him to fly them some where.

"Be quiet and shut the fuck up or I will make you Captain! That is a direct order." He snarled. Murdock just smiled began to sing quietly. Not the original Gene Kelly version, but the way Alex sang it in Clockwork Orange, with the smile and everything-just without the rape and old lady and cod piece.

I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain,
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again..
I'm laughing at clouds,
so Dark-

Another kick, this one sent him tumbling, but he righted soon enough. Army strong, fuck you, he thought eyes starting to glaze over from red. Was that blood? He didn't know, couldn't feel anything everything was starting to fog over a bit. He was listening to the order though. He wasn't talking, he was singing.

"It's...it smells like helicopter fluid sir." He hears, the accent is thick, texan and rather redneck if he thinks so himself, continues to rock a bit.

And I'm ready for love,
Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place..

"Shit, he is insane. Get him up. Trying to poison his own team? Really. We'll see about that. UP CAPTAIN!" The General barked, almost the same tone as Hannibal, almost got it, Murdock thinks, but he rolls to his feet humming still as they frog march him off. Can't help but giggle. They cant even march proper.

With a happy refrain...
Prompt: Five times Murdock's cooking had terrible effects-the one time it was glorious
Rating: R at the end, a bit
Pairing: Face/Murdock

Five times, Collapse )


Face: Five times

Prompt: Five times face conned his own team, the one time they conned him
Characters: Faceman, Murdock, B.A, Hannibal and a rubber ducky
Rating: Pg-13

Five times Face conned his own team, the one time they conned himCollapse )


F/M: Movieverse

Prompt:Murdock's in the hospital
Characters: Face/Murdock
Rating: Pg, slight swearing

Murdock's just sleeping...Collapse )

F/M: Movieverse

Prompt:Monsters in the bed
Rating: Pg-13esque

Murdock seeks comfort from the monsters in his bedCollapse )